Professional wood ladder FRIULI EN 131

Professional wood ladder , ideal for electricians, fitters, drywall installers in particular, that need to move quickly and safely on the ladder Spruce wood stiles and beech wood rungs, made of first quality wood selected. - Excellent electrical insulation - Distance between the rungs 300 mm. - Lateral spruce uprights mm.52x32 with rounded corners - Beech wood rungs section 21 x 41 mm milled anti slip - Joint of the rungs with double tenon glued - Steel tie rods and anti-opening security chain - Guiding rails at the base of supports - Anti-slip rubber feet - Double transparent lacquered wood - Manual of use and maintenance with a declaration of conformity    with European standard EN 131

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Code RungsH. openClosed cmSup. sectionWeight KgN° X pack Price Quantity
Availability: Available Code: CE310fr Rungs: 4H. open: 125Closed cm: 10x47x130hSup. section: 5,2x3,2Weight Kg: 5,0N° X pack: 1 Price: 116.00 € Quantity:
Availability: Available Code: CE311fr Rungs: 5H. open: 156Closed cm: 10x48x160hSup. section: 5,2x3,2Weight Kg: 7,0N° X pack: 1 Price: 137.00 € Quantity:
Availability: Available Code: CE312fr Rungs: 6H. open: 184Closed cm: 10x53x190Sup. section: 5,2x3,2Weight Kg: 9,0N° X pack: 1 Price: 158.00 € Quantity:
Availability: Available Code: CE313fr Rungs: 7H. open: 213Closed cm: 10x55x220Sup. section: 5,2x3,2Weight Kg: 11,0N° X pack: 1 Price: 157.00 € Quantity:
Availability: Available Code: CE314fr Rungs: 8H. open: 245Closed cm: 11x59x255Sup. section: 5,2x3,2Weight Kg: 13,0N° X pack: 1 Price: 180.00 € Quantity:
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