Pastry board for lime wood dought and beechwood rolling pin

The axis is made of solid lime, a resistant natural material that does not damage the blade of your knives. Perfect in the kitchen to prepare, for example, dumplings or ravioli, being very large and leaving your kitchen top clean. Equipped with an edge that fits perfectly into the kitchen worktop and an upper edge that protects the worktop from spilling flour or other ingredients.


The rolling pin is instead in solid wood beech.

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Availability: Available Code: SPIANATOIA Dimensions: 78x47 cmWeight Km: 3.5Finitura: Price: 95.00 € Quantity:
Availability: Available Code: MATTARELLO Dimensions: 47x5 cmWeight Km: 1Finitura: Price: 38.00 € Quantity:
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