Wood step stool ladder HAPPY FLOWERS

Happy Flowers is a practical wooden ladder stool: thanks to the two turning steps you can use it as a solid ladder if needed. Especially useful for reach the tallest shelves of cabinets and bookcases or to sit on the peninsula in the kitchen as on a normal stool. On the solid beech planks are engraved in the low relief of the floral entertainers, from which its name "HAPPY FLOWERS". The variety of colors available, makes it a unique and fun furnishing item. The size of the two lower steps is mm 325x110x20 thickness. The color of surface is made with natural water color covered with two layers of opaque acrylic varnish: the acrylic paint guarantees excellent scratch resistance and preserves colors with chromatic variations due to time and light. This product is tested according to European standard UNI E.N.131. Produced in our factory in Tolmezzo, Italy.

Code FinishingOpen cmClosed cmTop cm.Weight Kg Price Quantity
Availability: Available Code: 413 Naturale Finishing: Natural varnishedOpen cm: 46,5 x 40 x 60 h.Closed cm: 26 x 40 x 60 h.Top cm.: 40 x 26Weight Kg: 7 Price: 121.00 € Quantity:
Availability: Available Code: 413 Grigio sc Finishing: Open cm: 46,5 x 40 x 60 h.Closed cm: 26 x 40 x 60 h.Top cm.: 40 x 26Weight Kg: 7 Price: 131.00 € Quantity:
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