PARTY Folding table

FOLDING SERVICE TABLE. Table with folding structure of the legs in solid white lacquered beech and top in white laminate. Maximum stability and speed of opening and closing in safety thanks to the sturdy metal rods. The adjustable feet screwed to the base allow you to bring it to the table at home and obtain a single large table.

Code Weight kgTop cmFolded cmOpen cm Price Quantity
Availability: Available Code: P80 Weight kg: 10Top cm: 80X80Folded cm: 80X80X10Open cm: 80X80X h.74-76 Price: 154.00 € Quantity:
Availability: Available Code: P100 Weight kg: 12Top cm: 70X100Folded cm: 70X100X10Open cm: 70X100XH.74-76 Price: 159.00 € Quantity:
Availability: Available Code: P120 Weight kg: 14Top cm: 80X120Folded cm: 80X120X10Open cm: 80X120XH.71-75 Price: 175.00 € Quantity:
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