Professional wood ladder PROFESSIONAL

Professional wood ladder , ideal for electricians, fitters, drywall installers in particular, that need to move quickly and safely. Spruce wood stiles and beech wood rungs, made of first quality wood selected. - Excellent electrical insulation - Distance between the rungs 280 mm. - Lateral spruce uprights mm.60x24 with rounded corners - Rungs section 21 x 41 mm made of beech wood - Joint of the rungs with double tenon glued - Steel tie rods and anti-opening security chain - Guiding rails at the base of supports - Anti-slip feet - Double transparent lacquered wood - Manual of use and maintenance with a declaration of conformity    with European standard EN 131

Code RungsH. openClosed cmSup. sectionWeight KgN° X pack Price Quantity
Availability: Available Code: CE311 Rungs: 5H. open: 155Closed cm: 12x51x160hSup. section: 6x2,4Weight Kg: 6,5N° X pack: 1 Price: 102.00 € Quantity:
Availability: Available Code: CE312 Rungs: 6H. open: 183Closed cm: 12x54x190hSup. section: 6x2,4Weight Kg: 8,0N° X pack: 1 Price: 126.00 € Quantity:
Availability: Available Code: CE313 Rungs: 7H. open: 208Closed cm: 13x56x217hSup. section: 6x2,4Weight Kg: 10,0N° X pack: 1 Price: 147.00 € Quantity:
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