Folding Clothes Drier MAX

With 20 metres of useable line it allows hanging of up to 3 washing machine loads, thanks to FRAME 3030PLUS (EXTRACTABLE) and its lateral wings. Larger items can easily be hung using the upper frame. The structure is in solid beech, and the double external varnishing protects the wood from humidity and heat. The pirouette wheels with brakes allow it to be moved easily; The lower plastic sheet allows the items to be gathered before being folded and a practical clothes peg bag is also supplied. Individually packaged in cardboard, volume 0.23.

Italian production.

Code FinishingClosed cmOpen cmWeight Kg Price Quantity
Availability: Available Code: 3030-1 Finishing: CHERRY VARNISHEDClosed cm: 60X22X175 H.Open cm: 60X94 +51+51 X 175 HWeight Kg: 10 Price: 260.00 € Quantity:
Availability: Available Code: 3030-1+3030PLUS Finishing: CHERRY VARNISHEDClosed cm: 60x22x175hOpen cm: 60x94+51+51x175hWeight Kg: 10 Price: 299.00 € Quantity:
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